Consulting Services

What we can provide

  1.  Technical advice on the use of frozen & pre-baked croissants, danish and bread rolls    
  2. Presentaton on up market breakfast offers and fancy afternoon teas
  3. Training on manufacturing croissants,danishes and puff paste products
  4. Demostrating baking for teams up 20 members
  5. Cake desgin, production, and decorating courses
  6. Classroom style workshops on hygiene, baking processes and ingridients knowledge
  7. Special teaching lessons on the use of sour dough, malt, & bread improvers
  8. Sessonal baking, like German stollen, gingerbread and cookie variatons                                           

Chef Klaus Previous Consulting Experience

     As a former technical advisor for a large German malt & bread improver and pre mix-group, our Chef Klaus has trained young bakers and pastry chefs throughout Southeast Asia. He has provided his services to 5 star luxury hotels like Centara Hotel Group, Hilton, Sheraton and many more . Now he offers his services to clients in Thailand.